7 Best Tips for Android Users

 Android phones are in the forefront, have made a mark in the mobile market worldwide, and are creating an impact in the share markets as well. Androids have somehow managed to effectively garner themselves a position in the mobile market. Being new to the market, there are a number of tips and tricks for customization of the Android platform, which permits better performance and use of these devices.

7 Best Tips for Android Users
7 Best Tips for Android Users

Listed here are a number of tips for novice and simple users:

1. Get better keyboard:

If you are not happy with the pet software keyboard that the Android users use default, then is time to think of getting an alternative keyboards. Some of the better brands that come compatible with these devices will include Skype, Better Keyboard, and HTC IME modified keyboard.

2. Activate Android Power Stop:

This is one of the single most important built-in power strip widget, which features from the Android 2.1 version. Using this widget, you will be able to immediately stop all the automated running applications (which has been a common complaint about Android phones) like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Greatest battery killer GPS. All you need to do is to press the widget on for a long time and initiate the installation of this widget via the widget category.

3. Install Facebook and Twitter:

Many of us would like to stay connected and the best thing to do is to keep connected by installing the two popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter applications. This is one of the best ways to add all your contacts to your Android device, get your favorite pictures as your mobile wallpapers and you have the option of setting up the synchronization mode to happen once in four hours.

4. Add a hotline to the Android home screen:

You will never again in your life dial to the most frequently spoken person, especially useful for those people who do not know how to dial a number using a mobile phone. All you need to activate this option by pressing the direct dial from the home page of your screen, and once you have done this correctly, you will get a big red telephone icon on the home page. Next time, all you need to do is to dial this number by pressing this icon.

5. Turn-off Google Auto-suggest:

Though created with a good intention, the advantage of having the auto suggest mode on is by keeping the Google suggestion feature on. However, this can kill your battery life and therefore is necessary to turn –off the Google auto-suggest off.

6. Import Contacts:

It is possible with Android devices to easily import contacts form G-mail account, Outlook and other email clients into your android device by transferring the files in CSV format. How do you go about getting this done on your device is very simple. You need to sign into your Google account, into which you have exported all your outlook contacts to Gmail previously. Access the contacts with only contacts from phones and form Google by using the options available in the Android phone.

7. Set up keyboard launch shortcuts:

One of the reasons that people love their QWERTY keyboard is the inclusion of Google’s reliable older keyboard shortcuts into the Android, and the phone has a number of highly customizable application launcher, for Quick launch of applications from the convenience of the home page of the Android device.

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