Android App Inventor - Reaction game tutorial

 Android Video Tutorial - build the Simple Flashlight App

Android App Inventor - Reaction game tutorial
Android App Inventor - Reaction game tutorial

This is the second segment from a 5 week online course, Developing Android Applications with Java. In this segment, instructor Tony Hiller...

Android SeekBar

Whenever the progress bar of SeekBar is moved, it will call the inbuild method of OnProgressChange(), inside which we can write our functio...

3D Rotation in Android

Android provides Animation API. By using we can create custom animations . Android sample provides Animation classes for some standard ty...

Android app for SimpleWiktionary

This App takes the word and gives its meaning in detail. Also displays the word of the day import org.apache.http.HttpEntity; import ...

Implicit Intents in Android System with Example

What are Android Implicit Intent? How to create implicit intents in android system? Android implicit intents example and explanation.

How to Create Multiple Activities in Android

How to create multiple activities in android? Example of multiple activities in android.

How to Create Custom Styles in Android

This article helps in explaining how to change the style of an UI element like Button, TextView etc. in an android application and differe...

Android SMS Reader

SMS Reader is an application that read all incoming SMS loudly.And it has feature of reading existing SMS using navigation keys. package...

Reordering of listview

Listview rows order can be changed using drag and drop functionality.Dragging should be enabled beyond the visible listview position. ...

What is Android Manifest File

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One of the most important part of your android application is the manifest file which is an xml file also known as AndroidManifest.xml

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