6 reasons why Android is better than Apple O/S?

 The booming market for Android phones and tablet PCs has started to give a real face-to-face challenge for the Apple market. Apple is not going to lose the market for their reputation but because Android has started to build a very good reputation for itself like how Nokia’s Symbian OS has a reputation of its own in the mobile market.

Let us explore in this article about six good reasons about Android OS that make it to stand tall in front of Apple OS.

Android is superior in multitasking:

While multitasking was introduced in Apple OS, Android OS has been having this right from the beginning and after seeing three versions, this has only improved and has enhanced the performance of the phones that has this installed. For example, you could still receive email notifications, listen to music and record GPS data concurrently. Moreover, the inclusion of multitasking is not comparable to the sophistication that is found in Android phones.

Android keeps information visible on the home screen:

Unlike Apple’s iOS, Android OS does not require the launch of each application by flipping through the application list everytime to launch. In contrast, Android interface is much more user-friendly and has a customizable home screen, which keeps the widgets active at the tip of your fingers making easy to access without requiring the launch of applications. Some of the common applications that have been customized for this purpose include weather forecast, Facebook, notepad and much more.

Android app market is sophisticated:

Compared to the number of applications to Apple’s iTunes store, Android market has only 50, 000 applications. Despite, Android market is much more sophisticated than Apple, that anyone can develop an application for Android and post them without the need to go through a process of screening. They are not screened and censored allowing the customers to take the right decision.

Android has varied hardware and software options:

What is good about Android OS is that the range of phone options with a number of varying features both hardware and software, as they are operating systems used by a number of mobile manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, HTC and LG. Besides, Apple offers only two hardware options, 16 GB and 32 GB, which is not the case with Android OS carrying mobile phones. These phones match your economical budget to expensive phones and pacify both your personal and corporate needs.

Android allows you to choose your mobile service provider:

As Android OS is being adopted by a range of mobile manufacturers who are supplying their various choices of mobile phones to a number of mobile service providers, this is possible to choose both your mobile service provider and the mobile phone. The number of combinations available with Android OS is naturally higher than Apple, which usually restricts itself most of the time to AT & T in the US.

Android permits custom install ROMs:

This feature of customization in Android phones makes life easier unlike in iPhone where you will be requiring to toggle between Wi-Fi, GPS, 4G, Bluetooth and other data requiring services, while in Android OS backed phones they allow you to manage these settings from the beginning at the home screen itself. This saves most of your time and the need to remember of how to do it each time.

6 reasons why Android is better than Apple O/S?

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