Brands of Washing Machine Most Good and the Price Range

 Brands of Washing Machine Most Good and the Price Range So the discussion light us about the brands of washing machine in Indonesia as well as years.

Brands of Washing Machine Most Good - Along with the times, various forms of human activity changes, varying the circumstances. If the ancients washing clothes in the river, the people today prefer to wash clothes by relying on technology, in this case we mean a washing machine. Well! talking about the washing machine, it may be most of us there that are confused to choose a washing machine that is right. On the off chance that this brief, we will describe 5 brands of washing machines is can you make the choice, if you are confused about buying a washing machine brand. well! we will also include the approximate price in the market well

A List Of Brands Of Washing Machine Is The Most Good

Here below some brands of washing machine best based on the level of popularity of the brand.

1. Washing Machine Electrolux

Electrolux is one of the manufacturers of washing machines that do not need to doubt the quality. Electrolux washing machine is equipped with the technology of Power Boost that combine marinade that is concentrated and focused on cleaning a very dirty more easily. Not only that, Electrolux washing machine also lets You rotate to reduce the wrinkles on the clothes. For about the price, the washing machine with a brand Electrolux tagged with the range: Rp 2.900.000 Rp 21.454.000

2. LG

Brand washing machine LG is one of the brand washing machine most good and has been very popular in the world of electronic Indonesia. Washing machine LG even has features TrueSteam to reduce allergens and remove creases on clothing. Not only that, the LG washing machine with openings in the top or front of it has a very powerful machine so as to produce rounds that are guaranteed tough. LG washing machine price is very varied, ranging from Rp 1,200,000 Rp 8.050.000.

3. Sharp

Washing machine brand Sharp certainly do not need to doubt. This washing machine is equipped with technology Boomerang Cabinet Design that is able to dampen the shocks, Not only that, the washing machine is even able to reduce the noise or the shaking of the activity of the laundry. In addition, some of the Sharp product is equipped with the technology of the Eco-Logic System that can detect the amount of laundry that goes into the tube. Where with this technology we can save electricity consumption, water consumption and also the duration of leaching will be reduced. So, the use of becoming more efficient and not wasteful of power. For about the price varies between : Rp 1.230.000 – Rp 13.740.000

4. Panasonic

Brands of washing machine Panasonic presents several variants of the washing machines, ranging from top-loading to front-loading. The results of the laundry from the washing machine Panasonic openings will be more hygienic because it comes with the feature of Ag+Technology. This feature is a combination of silver ions and UV light for sterilization. Not only that, all of a washing machine Panasonic has equipped with technology ECONAVI that is able to detect the temperature of the water, the amount of the charge, as well as the type of material of the laundry automatically. For about the price, washing machine Panasonic brand is priced at around Rp 1.059.000 – Rp 17.100.000.

5. Polytron

One of the brands of washing machine is the best, especially in Indonesia is a Polytron. Brands of washing machine has been equipped with the technology of Zero Pressure. Where with this technology, the washing machine is able to wash with the water pressure is small, even until the pressure is zero though. Not only that, the brand of washing machine Polytron also features Tempered Glass Design elegant. This can be seen with the cover material is made from tempered glass. This technology also makes the washing machine Polytron 10 times stronger than plastic material and of course scratch resistant. For about the price is very diverse ranging :  Rp 1.058.000 – Rp 4.675.000
Thus the discussion of light us about the brands of washing machine in Indonesia as well as to estimate the price in the market. Don't forget to share this article to social media you guys, so the more who know the brand of the washing machine best.
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